Hultafors expanding laser range

With a major focus on user-friendliness and high precision, Hultafors is expanding its laser range with a further five products along with accessories. Some of the significant new products include green lasers and a smart distance measurer with Bluetooth connectivity.

Two green lasers and one red

Green lasers are becoming increasingly popular since they are clearer and easier to read. For this reason, two products are being introduced with green lasers. H360G is a green cross laser that projects a 360° horizontal line. HXLG-S is a classic cross laser that is now also available with a green laser as well as a rotatable base and Li-ion battery. In addition to the green lasers, the H3X360 is also ready for launch, which is a red laser that projects a 360° horizontal line and two vertical lines.

“We are pleased to be able to offer an even wider range of lasers to our customers. Partly by introducing the green laser and also thanks to the new red line laser, which is extremely useful during electrical installation or cable running since it projects lines onto the ceiling, floor and walls,” says Per Eriksson, Head of Product Development at Hultafors.

Smart distance measurement

The user-friendly distance measurers allow long distances to be measured quickly and easily. HDL20 is a compact distance measurer with backlit display. It fits into a pocket and is ideal for smaller jobs or in hard-to-access areas. HDL100 is a substantial addition to our family of distance measurers. It has a built-in camera with 2x or 4x magnification in order to make precise measurements up to 100 m.

“HDL100 is the most technologically advanced distance measurer in our range. With Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones, the user can easily take pictures for placing measuring points and calculating volume, area, and length, and then save the measurements directly in an app,” says Eriksson.

Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries

Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are now available for several products in the range to further extend operating times. The batteries produce full-power, fully visible laser lines right up until the battery is depleted. Li-ion batteries have a low self-discharge rate, and accessories available for purchase include car chargers for easy charging in vehicles.

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